Gen 3 Setup and working, but suddenly won't run any zones

I setup my new Gen 3 without a hitch and was pleased to see my zones working perfectly. Now I can’t get any zones to run. Tried to run a quick run and even tried testing the zones again. App acts like it’s running, but it won’t. Tried a factory reset and I still can’t get it to work. I’m stumped.

You should double check the wiring, common wire / valve wires. If you post a picture of how your controller is wired maybe we can help.

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Thanks. I just uploaded a pic. The wire placement has been untouched since it was working correctly. It just suddenly stopped responding.

Can you try a power cycle?

So you have a master valve or pump connected. When you activate a zone do you hear the master valve or pump doing something? I know you said that it was working before, but are you sure the white wire connected to the terminal 1 is not the common? Usually the white is the common cable ( it will depend of the installer ) just double checking.

BTW: I’m an LCN fan too :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a go. Is that where I unplug the power for 30 seconds and plug back in?

Yes good eye. Unfortunately the red is my common and my white is actually zone 1. LCN makes it look easy! :slight_smile:

Try @franz recommendation to see if this fix your issue since it was working before. If not you can test a little more deeper with a volt-meter.