Gen 3 Schedule Never Runs

Hello, I have read several posts associated with this issue but none of them seem to apply to my situation. We have never been able to set-up a schedule and have it run successfully. Each time the 6 zones scheduled to run start briefly and then manually stop. I thought that it might be associated with the Weather Intelligence selections so I turned them all off. The issue still persists. Could it be associated with how things are wired (switched from a Rainbird)? Quick Run works just fine but it is a pain to have to set an alarm to get up and start the Quick Run. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Can you PM me the email address you use for your Rachio app account?


@Mesh - can a picture of the Rachio wiring be posted. It should be a straight forward wiring migration. Was the rain sensor moved over to the Rachio (e.g. S1 and 24V-, NOT S1 and S2)? Is the rain sensor enabled in the Sensor settings?

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@DLane certainly! Thank you in advance for any assistance! Rain sensor is enabled for Sensor (Terminal 1), Type > Rain > Rain Sensor.

Hello, I’ve messaged you the email associated with our account.

@Mesh - try moving the Red wire in 24 VAC + to the 24 VAC - port (one to the left).

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Your rain sensor is activated which will not allow scheduled schedules to run.

Here is helpful troubleshooting, or just disable the rain sensor in the app.