Gen 3 says it is running but it isn't

The app says it is running but it isn’t. I go to the garage and try manual run. It says it is running but it isn’t.
I unplugged the unit twice for a few minutes, retried. Same result.
I sent an email to support. No response.

Sounds like you might have a wiring issue, or a water supply issue. Can you post a picture of your wiring on the Rachio?

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This is the wiring after my last call tobthem about this.

Do you have a rain sensor connected? I’m wondering about the white and black wires wire nutted together in the front. Typically the common wire is white. Are the red, black, and green wires from the old controller power supply? Would you have a picture of the old setup by chance?

We disconnected it when we hooked this up. Yes the Red, Black and Green are from the old controller.
Here is the picture of that wiring.
Here is the wiring from the old controller.
This morning the app said it was running but it wasn’t. I really think it is something with the software because this was working until I changed a run in the schedule the other day. Now it doesn’t work from the device nor the phone.

Can you manually turn on the zone at the valve? Are you sure the water supply wasn’t accidentally shut off?

Water is on. No, when I go to the actual device and try to run it manually it doesn’t work.

Rachio device, or irrigation valve? Need to confirm if you can manually turn on the zone(s) by turning the solenoid a 1/4 turn, or possibly a bleed screw on top of the valve.

We tested that as well just now. They turn on at the valve.