Gen 3 Operating Temp issue?


Controller going offline everyday now that we are in mid 90s. Is outside in rachio enclosure.

Have to physically reset.

What gives?





What type of router/mesh do you have?

Can you run this test and PM me the network diagnostic code?



I emailed you back the diagnostic code.

And I use Apple router



I didn’t receive an email. Can you click on my name and private message me? Thanks.


Sorry. Done.


Another morning another offline controller. 4th day in a row.

Getting old. Unit is secure in enclosure. Signal is fine.

Bout done with this!


Tried to upload video of what I found but file format isn’t accepted.

Sucks in Indiana.

Something has changed outside of my universe. Ran without going offline for over a month.



I’ll work with you directly on this.



I’m all for instant gratification, but damn man, this thread is not even 24 hours old! I can assure you that @franz and the boys won’t leave you hanging without a resolution, but they are human…they need sleep.



The engineering team doesn’t sleep :wink:


@tmcgahey - don’t forget the girls too! I’m sure @mckynzee and @laura.bauman wouldn’t leave a controller behind either.


WAHOO! I made the list :grinning: But you are correct! No controller left behind!