Gen 3 Flow Meter Zone shutoff?

The flow meter’s capability of sensing a “leak” and signaling the controller to shutoff the zone is great. However, is there a time “lag” between the flow meter sensing the leak and the zone being shutdown? There are times I would need the zone to briefly run during a leak, such as flushing the pipes or isolating the leak (finding the puddle/geyser).

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The Wireless Flow meter detects a leak within 45 seconds of the valve opening. This delay is due to the systems need to pressurize before we fully validate our flow reading.

Once the leak is detected, the shut off is nearly instant. We do have an option to disable Auto Shut Off per zone, thus one way to handle this scenario is to turn off that feature and then check your zone for problems. After you have resolved the problems, you can turn Auto Shut Off back on.