Gen 3 Firmware update?


I just received my Rachio 3 unit. I installed it but I cant get it added to the account. When I am trying to add the controller it gets stuck at the updating firmware page and then it fails. Then I am told to hold the button and try again, but it keeps failing. Cant I just use the existing firmware and get on with it?


@nmstough - I’d either use the app to submit a ticket, that way Rachio should have all the information they need or email and they should be able to quickly jump on it.

You might also run the RouteThis app so that information is available in the event it turns out to be a networking issue? Do you have a mesh WiFi install?


I have no idea where “route this” is. Is it a separate app? I have not been able to get the controller added so I see nothing on the app or how to submit a ticket. And I think they are not available on the weekend. This is a disaster, because its over 100 degrees this weekend and my plants are needing water desperately. I just have a regular wifi connection - not a mesh system.


@nmstough - Yes, RouteThis is a separate app you can find in the app store.

They provide support until 5 PM Mountain time seven days a week right now:

So send an email to or I think this may be the phone number - 1-844-4RACHIO. It should be in the install guide documentation with the unit



Looks like your controller is good to go. Do you mind letting us know what you did for troubleshooting?



I dont know. I must have tried this over and over about 20 times. It seems to be connected now. But the whole process was very frustrating and its not explained well at all. Can you do this without a mobile device, such as through the web browser? Do you have to connect your device to the same wifi network as the one you want to connect the controller to? How to force an update to the latest firmwares? Support for this product is very poor.


Thanks @nmstough

I’m having our Android team look into this.




Our Android team did find the issue and we will be releasing a patch tomorrow. Thanks for reporting and sorry you had a poor onboarding experience. As soon as we identify issues our team does its best to identify and resolve.

Have a great week and we hope you enjoy the product.



I didn’t realize by purchasing one of the units I was a beta tester.



We do our best to ensure the hardware and software are defect free. If issues are discovered patches are immediately deployed.