Gen 3 and Gen 1 finding different Weather station

My property overlooks a major golf course in SoCal and is the closest PWS to me according to the Gen 3. But my Gen 1 doesn’t find it and offers others a few miles away. How can I get my Gen 1 to find the golf course?


@redfire351 - I think the way to solve the problem is to post a link to the weather station you’d like to see in Gen 1, followed by begging and pleading with @Gene to add it to (which anyone can do).


Can you find the Golf Course’s weather station at Share the link to the station data and I can help with your problem. Alternately, click “More Info” (from Gen 3’s interface) for the weather station you would like to use (this link is available from the station selection map) which should bring up the weather underground link directly.


Yes, here:



done (link), station of interest is now available to pwsweather, and therefore your Gen 1 Rachio (which uses a different data source compared to Gen 3). You should start seeing PWS_KCALAGUN9 on the search results sometime tomorrow.


Ok cool, thanks!