Gen 3 all of sudden lost power after 3 months of being on!

I have had my gen 3 for a little under 3 months with no issues. Then last week I go to check my soil moisture on the app and it has the red triangle at the top with the text trouble shoot tap here I do. Then it gives me the option to select which lights are flashing. I have no flashing lights! I tried several different outlets no luck. I checked the voltage coming out of the power adapter it’s around 28 V so I am indeed getting power. The unit itself just died how do I go about getting a replacement or my money back?

@Wheel - Rachio has a two year warranty on their devices. I think if you email support or call they will get a replacement out to you PDQ.

Thank you for your reply. I have emailed support and have gotten no response. It has been three days as of today. I did receive an email stating that someone would reply to the email with in 48 hours. I do not have confidence that someone will get back to me as of now. What is a good customer support number?

@Wheel - here you go -> support number is 844-4RACHIO.

I also did what I could to get you some attention (I’m a customer just like you). Hopefully, you’ll see some movement soon.

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Fantastic feedback and thank you for your support! Fingers crossed.

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Paging @rachiosupport, please pick up a white paging phone…

Pinged the team :slight_smile:

Also heads up, we don’t currently have someone monitoring the rachiosupport handle but we’re working on recovering that password :wink: feel free to just ping me directly!

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Thanks for your support as well Laura! I will ping you if I cannot get any traction on this issue.

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