Gen 2 won't run program unless I manually activate it (rain sensor activated)

I have a 16 zone gen 2 that I have used for the two years without a problem. Now, even though the app says it scheduled to water my lawn it doesn’t actually run. If I go to the app and press quick run, then the sprinklers run. I manually got each zone to run yesterday. I can’t figure out what to do because it’s saying it’s watering my lawn but not automatically running.

Looks like your rain sensor is activated.

Here is some troubleshooting to help.

Our next software release will make this status much more visible on the dashboard.


Thanks so much. It is the rain sensor. I disabled it yesterday and my regular schedule ran today. Now I have to figure out why the rain sensor is being activated if there hasn’t been rain. I don’t think its the wiring because I have used it fornthe past two years with my rachio with no problems.

Could be you need to replace the cork. I think they recommend every season. Or it could be dirty. :smile:


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I just made a post on this as well regarding my wireless rain sensor. The WR2 has a controller for the rain sensor itself and it shows the rain sensor as not being tripped or activated but the rachio says it is unless I disable it from the app. I too have been using it since I installed the controller with no problems until this last update.