Gen 2 - sprinklers won't turn all the way off

As soon as I plug in either of my units (each has 16 zones) and even in “standby mode” several of the zones start to “leak” water. There appears to be a voltage issue in these units when fully loaded to 16 zones.

@sboal, if you unplug your controller, does the leaking stop? Do you happen to have a master valve shared between the two controllers?

Yes. As soon as I unplug the units the leaking stops. I don’t have a master valve.

@sboal Hmm, interesting. Technically, that shouldn’t be possible unless there’s a cross in the wires somewhere between the controller(s) and valves. Would it be possible to get a few photos of your wiring (either here or email to

A few more questions:

  1. Do the controllers share the same common wire?
  2. If you plug in/unplug one controller, does it have any impact on zones wired up to other controller? I’m trying to understand if you’re experiencing any sort of interference between the two controllers.
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Yes they share the same common wire - I jumped from my old hunter 32 zone to this and unplugged the hunter. The only time things leak is when the rachio units are plugged in. I’ll upload wiring photos including the jumps from the hunter in an hour. I will try the units independently as well - I’ve not had time to isolate that yet.

Update. It’s only happening with the unit on the left. Looks like perhaps a faulty device

As soon as plugged in this happens. When you unplug it the leaking stops

@sboal, looking at your photos it appears you jumped all of the wires from the Hunter to the two Gen 2 controllers? Have you attempted wiring up the Rachio controllers directly yet? We might be experiencing some interference from the current configuration.

There is no interference the hunter works fine as does the rachio on the right. I can - when I have time - start to test zone by zone by disconnecting wires, but I’m relatively certain that is not the issue.

@sboal, We’ll replace the controller on the left for testing. However, I’d like to better understand the parallel wiring with your Hunter controller before the replacement gets hooked up, in particular the common wires. Maybe you could sketch a quick drawing of the wiring? I’ll follow up with you via email to handle the replacement.

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Thank you.

Final note if anyone is following this: The device was at fault. Rachio promptly replaced it and everything is working well. Kudos to Rachio for their product, app and support.


Good to hear, thanks for your patience on this. Please let us know if you have any other feedback or questions.