Gen 2 set up with wireless

I’ve got the unit set up with the 3rd light solid but then it says wifi error. 4th light never goes solid. I’ve tried 3 different networks and even a hotspot from my phone connecting with my iPad.

Any ideas?

@Smspiller - I assume you’ve seen this KnowledgeBase article ->

Was the unit bought previously used?

Have you checked out the need to factory reset the device ->

If the above don’t work, then it would be time to PM your serial number to @franz

Hey @Smspiller-

If you are still struggling with getting connected, I would recommend you schedule a call with our wifi experts to troubleshoot. They will be able to get your issue resolved very quickly.

If you want to move even faster, you can run through this process and provide the code you receive in the details of your scheduled call! Hopefully that helps.

McKynzee :rachio:

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