Gen 2 Outdoor Enclosure Installation Issue

Upgraded to a Gen 2 today with a caveat, had an issue with the outdoor enclosure and the Gen 2 cover plate. After installing the enclosure, Rachio and connection the wires for the relay and sensors, I tried to place the cover on and noticed that the tab at the bottom tab wasn’t snapping into place. It looks like the enclosure was designed with just enough space to fit the Rachio without the cover plate … so I had to do some extra work to get it to fit.

Here are some photos.

NOTE: This is a very snug fit, so if you plan on making changes anytime in the future, it’s going to be difficult to get the cover off, it was my personal preference to add the plate on.


Sorry for any confusion, it was designed without the cover plate. Looks like you did some modifications to make it work :wink:


I noticed that once everything was in place and was about to close it up. I prefer the clean look of the plate even if it’s locked in an enclosure, hence the mods. :+1:


I am interested in the Gen 2 enclosure box but I don’t quite understand from your pictures what the problem was. The pictures are so close-up that it’s hard to identify which piece did not fit. Could you post some wider perspective pictures to help better understand what the problem was? Specifically, show a picture of the cover plate and how it did not fit.

Thanks for your help.

Gen 2 has a cover plate which was not intended to be used in the enclosure :wink: Looks like @mojomaniak was able to get it to fit.