Gen 2 no water coming out

I have an 8 zone gen 2. Been working great. 3 days ago my water quit. I can manually turn the valves on and water flows and sprinklers pop up. When I turn the system on via the rachio I can hear the valves click but no water. Any suggestions?

All zones?

Based on your description, I would say weak solenoid, but the chances of all 8 zones having failing solenoids is slim…

Do you have a multimeter? You can test the output of each station. But I would check the common wire(usually white) first if all stations are affected.

Gaustin, I agree.

Somehow this morning they were all working again after 3 days of not

Sounds like a bad wire connection somewhere to me they can be very intermittent. If you have all of your valves in one location I might look in there and check the common splices. Good luck.

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