Gen 2 manual setting no WiFi

I have a Gen 2 unit that has been working great! Now I’m selling my home so the WiFi has been disconnected. Is there a way to set the system to turn on and water each zone for X number of minutes? I saw some old posts but the link they referenced is no longer a page on your website.

This is a temporary need until the new buyers close in 3 weeks. It’s 95 degrees here with no rain insight to this is important. I’m not here every day to do the manual 3 min per zone feature.

I appreciate any help.

I suggest, if you can set up a phone hotspot (yours, a friend, whoever has that in their plan & device to use as a hotspot), to connect Rachio to it and set up fixed schedules for all zones.

The Rachio support website has instructions on resetting the controller’s WiFi.

Oh and leave instructions for owner transfer :slight_smile:

Thanks @Kubisuro, Gen 3 supports off WiFi programs, Gen 2 does not.


But… You can program a schedule or schedules on the Gen 2 and disconnect WiFi and it will run the last programmed schedules.