Gen 2 Light 4 Blinking

My Gen 2 Iro went offline a few days ago (thanks for the alert!) and I was having trouble getting it back online. I think the problem, in the end, was my DSL modem and I got it fixed.

My Iro is back online now, but the top light (number 4) is blinking while the rest are solid. What does that mean in this case? I’m not sure, even after reading this support article:

I did reset the Iro wifi settings many times during my debugging (for a while, I was sure something was wrong with my wifi access point or wifi extender), but it appears to be online now, according to the app. Can you tell me what is going on?

You should be good to go now, still troubleshooting something from this morning where some devices were asking for their initialization data and were not receiving it. Thanks for your patience.


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I noticed this morning that my 4th light is blinking also. I believe the system is running fine. Just wondering why it is blinking. Thanks.

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