GEN 2 & Irritrol WIreless Sensor Wiring - anyone have a photo?

I’m new to this but my installer is not - however he has never installed a Rachio before
and of course it all now falls on me - he wired up the Irritrol wireless sensor but when “ON” it won’t allow the scheduler to run; if I turn the sensor OFF in the app, the scheduler works and the valves all run. I think it is wired wrong and the only picture of an Irritrol wireless sensor wiring configuration here is to a GEN 1 Rachio - does anyone have this set up and if so could you please post a photo of a successful wiring for the Irritrol wireless sensor RS1000 to S1 with a successful operation of the scheduler. Many thanks.

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@tarheelinva Our amazing customer support team is telling me

S1: Brown SC: Red and White SP: Red

If you need more assistance, please reach out to [] with your current wiring pics.


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