Gen 2 Iro arrived! Should I install now or wait?

My Gen 2 Iro arrived on Thursday, I have time to install it this weekend… Should I install it now or wait til the sprinkler season begins again? Thoughts…

Might be helpful to pair it up to your WiFi just to make sure everything is working and it can be paired successfully.

You can then put it in standby mode or unplug it.

The solenoid wires don’t need to be hooked up until the season starts.

Hope this helps.


Removed the Gen 1 from the wall reconnected the wires exactly it was setup on Gen 1 into the Gen 2 connectors. Connected to WiFi successfully. App currently stuck spinning during Copying Settings… What should I do about this now? @franz

I’ll take a look at your account.


@franz Much appreciated!

Glad we could get this resolved, have a great day!