Gen 2 Flex Daily Watering Restrictions

The HELP feature shows that flex daily schedules can be configured for even/odd watering restrictions but I have not been able to find how to do that.

Go to more… schedules… chose a schedule… chose interval…

Yes that is what it says but “interval” is not a choice unless I choose a fixed schedule. Am I doing something wrong?

Well, after testing myself, I see you can only chose specific days after a schedule is setup. You’d need to chose odd or even when you first step the schedule to make it work, can’t change to it latter. I checked and was able to do that easily. So your options are to simply chose specific days or delete the schedule and create a new one it seems.

Thanks for figuring that out. I would never have known that you can only change to Even/Odd watering when you first set up a Flex Daily schedule! I have implemented what I wanted by deleting the old schedule and setting up a new one. When you set up a new Flex Daily schedule it does, in fact, give you the option of watering on only even days, which is what I needed to comply with the town watering restrictions we now have in place due to a drought. Thanks again for helping me with this.