Gen 2 doesn't run manual waterings from iOS app

Just got my Gen 2. Installation was mostly fine (why did you guys remove the color coding from the wire taps though?? They were so useful for dark garages…). Copying my data from my gen 1 was mostly fine (aside from not copying previous watering history – a major oversight!). I manually watered each zone via the iOS app after successful setup to confirm each zone still works (again, this should be something the app does for you after successfully copying old settings). That went fine. Then I went to water a specific zone again, also manually from the iOS app. The “Starting…” dialog appeared for about a minute then disappeared with no error. The zone never watered. I’ve tried this repeatedly, and experience the same result with every zone now. I’ve tried this from multiple iPhones and tried restarting the apps and phones, to no avail. Watering manually from the Rachio box (thanks for adding those controls!) works fine, and the app shows the manual cycle was run, so it’s obviously communicating. But I can’t manually water zones from the app anymore…

Any advice?

We did some troubleshooting and determined the root cause. The device is reconnecting due to a large amount of data being sent on initialization. An edge case we weren’t prepared for, but are putting a fix in that will go out in the next day or so.

For now, I was able to trim your zone names (I would logout/login to the app) and everything should work properly.

I wouldn’t add any more schedules (you can remove them) until we can get a proper fix out, hopefully by tomorrow.


What is too,much data? Like exceeding mtu somewhere in the network path and causing fragmentation or something with you apps framing? Or something entirely different?

If you really want to know how the sausage is made…

We have (had) a limit of 1.5K of data on initialization, which included schedule data, zone names, etc. for memory reasons.

This week we introduced a firmware change to increase schedule limit to 16. It was previously at 12. These extra schedules were not taken into account on the initialization piece. So, with the number of schedules on this device (over 12), and zone names, we went over the limit, device rejected the message, and in turn kept wanting to reconnect.



Cool, thanx, yes, I love sausage. So it sounds like a framing issue. This information doesn’t help me, but as an enthusiast, I enjoy it.

Kind of like going to a car show, I see all of the bad ass under the hood, only know about half of it, but I love hearing badass.

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Amazing response time. Thanks @franz. That’s some customer service!

I appreciate not only the immediate follow up (and personal fix!) but the tech explanation as well. I figured you might be able to debug the issue remotely and you really came through.

My lawn is overdue for watering and the current schedule has it firing tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will do so since we are restricted to just two days of watering per week and it’s already warm out…

Thanks again.

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This firmware has been pushed out, so feel free to rename zones, add more schedules, etc.

Please let us know if you experience any other issues.

Thanks for your patience.


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So far so good except my zone names. Those were all reset to numerals (1, 2, and 4) for my currently active zones. The inactive ones weren’t touched, oddly. Either way, at least my schedule still ran. :smile:

I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks again!

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