Gen 2 Cant Connect to Rachio Cloud


I recently purchased a Rachio Gen 2 controller. I followed the quick start guide and attempted to connect the controller to my account. I start the adoption after light two begins blinking. The adoption seems to work as it does progress to a blinking light 3. It will then time out and ask me to unplug the controller and begin again. I have run the setup a couple times and it always gets stuck at light 3, connecting to Rachio Cloud. No outbound ports are blocked and there is no other router on the network. I can also see the IP and MAC address on my router GUI. Rachio seems to be ignoring any address reservation though. It will just use the next available IP from the DHCP server. I have also run the route this app with code E3TFQHEP. This item was new in box if that makes any difference.



I’ll have our Android team review. Might have you perform a RouteThis on your network.



I have run it. The code is in the second to last sentence.


Our Android team is currently looking into this. A factory reset (starting over) or trying with iOS (if you have) might help in the mean time.



I’m no expert but had a peek at the RouteThis report and looks like there is a range extender. Wondering if we eliminated that (initially) if that could be the issue. Everything else seemed to be ok. Android team is still reviewing.



I thought that may have been the case. I did disable the extender on subsequent runs. I also renamed the 5Ghz network so there would for sure be no clash between 2.4 and 5. Doing both also did not let the controller go past light 3. I will try with an iOS device tomorrow evening.


Ok sorry for this experience. Rarely ever see Gen2 connection issues since it’s been out for so long (just look through the forums…). The SSID networks the same name is also the first thing I would have recommended. I’ll let you know what our Android team finds (if anything). If iOS doesn’t work I can get you directly to our experienced success team that can help troubleshooting network (I have no business doing this…) and ultimately get you connected.




This seemed to be an Android issue. I connected via an iOS device in a snap. Multi APs and bands didn’t seem to bother the Rachio when trying to add via iOS. It successfully connected to WiFi and Rachio cloud.

Thank for your assistance.



Interesting, I’ll forward this to our Android engineers.

Glad you got connected and welcome to the community!