Gen 1 Zones don't turn off after running

My zones won’t turn off after they run. The zone will run but it get stuck and not move on to the next one. I’ve also tried custom runs and they don’t turn off either. Here are some screenshots from the app showing the run completing but still running.

The only way I can get the run to stop is to put my Rachio Gen 1 in standby mode and then turn standby mode off.

Does this only happen for quick run? We haven’t had other reports of this for Gen 1 so trying to understand what would be different with your system. I might try disabling water hammer and see if that has any impact on quick run.


Was happening with scheduled runs as well. I just unplugged the Rachio for a few minutes and plugged it back in and everything started to work properly. Not sure if it was a glitch or something but it looks like whatever the issue was, unplugging it for a few minutes solved it.

Ok thanks @jcataldo. If you see any other issues please let us know.