Gen 1 Rachio Confusion

Just when I think I know how to run this thing, another set of issues arrive.

Started it this year mid April and watering times were like 3-4 minutes a zone. I’m waiting for notices of weather / season adjustments like I got last year and its not happening. What has changed notice wise? Its getting warm, adjustments are needed.

I check history. the only runs recorded are my quick runs I did to keep my yard from dying.

I check schedule. “All Zones 2017” is on. Runs Mon, Wed, Fri . Should have run today. Did not according to history.

I check history again deeper. There are occasional power cycles, sometimes 2 or 3 a day. Power here is good. House is not losing power.



It looks like your controller is in standby mode. If you disable standby things should water as normal.

We sent a few Gen 1 firmware upgrades last week. These should “quiet” down and you should see less of these events in the future.


Thanks Franz.

I didn’t recall a separate standby in addition to schedule enabling. I enabled the schedule which should kick standby off I think. Like when quick run disables standby. Oh well, it changes so much maybe this is a newer feature or something. The app is completely different this season.

How often do the schedule adjustments happen? I had one April 1. Didn’t see one for May and temps are 10+ degrees warmer now.

We adjust schedules (if opted in to seasonal adjustments) on the first of each month. When the controller is in standby I don’t believe we send a notification, but the schedule should be “correct” for that month.


Sorry to keep bugging you, but I don’t understand why I would have gotten notice for a schedule adjustment April 1, when I had no irrigation water and no schedule enabled, but not an adjustment on May 1. when a schedule was enabled. It seems standby would have been enabled both times as I didn’t open the app until around mid April. Was there an app update in April? Or maybe this is firmware related?

It might have depended which platform your controller was on (old v2 vs new v3) during those adjustment periods.

We did launch a large software change in the early Spring.

I’d wait until our next adjustment (June 1st) and you should be notified appropriately (assuming the controller is not in standby mode).