Gen 1 Questions

Rachio working fine but have 2 issues:

  1. Ipad app will not rotate to landscape view, app stays in portrait view at all times. Ipad functions normally with other apps.

  2. Iphone app will not allow “Run Now” when selecting a manual zone to run. Can’t get the “Run Now” function to appear.

Any solutions?



Yes, it does not rotate – when you downloaded it to the iPad, it should have shown as an iphone app. These kind of apps appear on your iPad just as they do on your iPhone (if you use Instagram, you will see that it functions the same way). If you would like to see it in landscape view, go to the web app. I prefer the web app when on the iPad as I can see moisture level graphs and details much easier than on the phone app.

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing? And is your iPhone app up to date?


@esussman0 Any chance your controller may be offline? This may be why the “Run Now” function doesn’t work. A screenshot would be helpful, like @Linn mentioned.

Thanks for the quick response. Both problems now solved. 1) I was using the iphone app on my ipad. Now using the web app which functions much better. 2) My iphone now using the iphone app not the web browser so all is normal.

Don’t know if these distinctions are made clear to first time users but would be a good idea to include in setup.

Thanks again,


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