Gen 1 Power Cycles

My Gen 1 continuously reports a power cycle every 1-2 hours - everything else seems to be working normally… schedules run as expected. My Gen 1 has been running for over 2 years without issue.

Is it failing to update firmware? Can it be reset?

Thank you,

@donsena1 - have you sent an email to with the details (e.g. serial number and account name)? Support would be able to look up what is happening on the backend.

Many of the posters here are just end users.

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Hey @donsena1

So sorry for the frustration! @dchau is checking into but wants to keep an eye on it for a little bit so he can see exactly what’s happening. Once that happens, we’ll have a better picture of what’s going on and can either get this solved or shoot you over to support for further troubleshooting :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio:

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not sure what changed, but the power cycling has stopped – Thank you

In the future, I will definitely contact support first.

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@donsena1, I was just about to reply to you but of course when we start watching, the problem stops :wink: We’ll continue to try to monitor it and hopefully this problem has corrected itself.



Phew! Glad to hear it @donsena1. If anything comes up, don’t hesitate to reach out either here or via support!

Happy Watering :cheers: