Gen 1 or Gen 2

I’m ready to join the Rachio family :slight_smile:

Best Buy is selling both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 versions. The Gen 1 is $100 cheaper. I have a 10 zone system with a rain sensor. Is there any reason to spend the extra $100 on Gen 2?

Do both Gen 1 and Gen 2 run with the same software features?


If you don’t intend on putting a flow sensor on your system, go with Gen 1 & save some cash.

I got a gen 1 recently and I am perfectly happy with it. I don’t have any additional sensors. Also check with your local water company to see if there are any rebates for using the Rachio

@Modawg2k Did you get a rebate ? I poked around and didn’t find anything through the City of Phoenix.

I don’t have knowledge of Gen 1, but believe that at-the-box control for people like your irrigation winterization folks is only on the Gen 2. That said, you could give them access temporarily via the app on either box.

No, Phoenix doesn’t have any. What sucks is that I’m close to Peoria and they give a full rebate. I know a guy who bout a Gen 2 for free… must be nice

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Thank you for taking an interest in our product!

As one forum member mentioned the Gen 2 has some features that deliver a great user experience, e.g. on -board controls, LED lights, sensor hookups. The great thing is the software is the same, and we will continue to support Gen 1.

Whichever generation you go with you’ll be more than satisfied. Have a great day!