Gallons Used. This cannot be right

I just installed my Rachio today and it was fairly easy from start to finish.

My question is regarding the gallons used as indicated on my iPhone application. I have used the system today on two separate zones for a total of 16 minutes. My app is showing that I have used a total of 913 gallons since I installed it today. This number has to be way off. Am I missing something?

The estimated gallons are based on the nozzle type, the size of the zone and the run time. You can dial in a more accurate estimate by selecting a different nozzle for your zone or creating a custom nozzle by selecting Add Nozzle on the Nozzle screen for a zone and entering the flow rate for your particular nozzle. You can edit the size of your zone in the Advanced settings on the Zone Details screen. Adjusting these values should improve the estimated gallons used. If you go to and search for Nozzle, there are some good help articles on the topic.

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I set the correct nozzles during the setup process, so I am good there. I did also setup the size of each zone. The amount of water used for two zones (5 heads per zone) set at 8 minutes each, 16 minutes total, should be nowhere near 913 gallons. Is there anything else I am missing? How accurate is this estimate?

Hi @retagger,

Check out the topic Exact water usage using flow

Hopefully you have access to your water meter to take flow measurements for each zone. If set up correctly you should be able to get the app estimates pretty close to your actual usage.

Hope that helps, good luck!

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