Gallons Saved with Flex Schedules

When 2.0 came out, I converted all of my watering to Flex schedules. I just told it the days I’m allowed to water in my city and I’ve been letting it do its thing. Today, was supposed to be the next permitted day to water and Iro had planned on doing so.

However, it rained yesterday and I see that my “will water on” dates have all moved out (yay!) on account of the rain. However, I noticed that my “gallons saved” in the web app was at zero. In the olden days of 1.x, if the systems skipped a day due to rain, it would just add what it skipped to the gallons saved calc. But with Flex schedules, this no longer makes sense since you aren’t skipping anything… So are you going to abandon the gallons saved calc? Will all of us Flex-ers just have to see zero gallons saved for all time?

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Great question, we are working on defining what this is, and how to display it.

Stay tuned, no time-frame as of yet, but aware of the issue :wink:


and my vote is to apply any natural percip to gallons saved.