Functionality in Canada

Does the iro have full functionality outside of the US?

And are there any retailers?

@bluejayellis‌ We do have customers in Canada, if you PM me your lat/long I can let you know what weather station will be used. I’d say your best bet is to order off of Amazon.

If you have any other questions you can email and we’d be glad to answer any and all. Thanks!

…so there are working weather stations in Canada.
Lat. 43.495305
Long. -79.871507

@bluejayellis It looks like your weather station would be:

Does that look right?

Hi Franz,

Another Canadian here in Calgary interested in the product…

So it looks like you use wundergound for your data feed… a lot of Canadians will be able to use this system for feeds, but are there any caveats for temperature and location? Will your app accommodate Celsius versus Fahrenheit?

I’d like to purchase the unit and integrate it with the Wink Hub, but even the Wink Hub itself seems to struggle with Fahrenheit versus Celsius and us Canadians, since we use Celcius and the metric system, will probably get frustrated quickly with the albeit simple math. :blush:

Are there any plans for this? I can see you guys are shipping as fast as you can it seems, so I guess demand isn’t an issue - I’m just curious as it’s a great product from what I see and I love the idea of using data feeds rather than building my own “weather station” at home (sprinkler or programming my own data-baed solution - as well - thats going to be REALLY nerdy.

Thanks for any info if you have it!


@CalgaryGuy Greetings from the south, well Colorado at least!

We are actually using Aeris for weather which has largely the same data. We do also support using a personal weather station, so you can get hyper local data.

Yes, we have a setting in the app that will convert from C to F. That setting also affects any push notifications or email.

We do have quite a few integrations currently. I’ve been told the Wink integration is fairly weak. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over that. Very shortly releasing a SmartThings integration and starting to work on soil moisture sensors to be done by Spring. Our IFTTT integration is pretty slick.

Hope that helps, we love to get as nerdy as anyone else, so stay tuned for a ground up rebuild of our mobile and webapp.

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. Thanks and have a great day!

Wondering about the Aeris weather feed for where I live

vs the forecast from environment Canada

Or even Weather Underground

Aeris seems very conservative about our up coming heatwave (it’s supposed to be 40 Celsius here by the weekend)

@Chollas Are there any personal weather stations (PWS) by you? We utilize all of that data as well.

In our 2.0 app under review in the Apple app store, we allow you to choose a national or personal weather station. The current app (1.x) allows you to opt-in using a PWS.

Aeris uses, CWOP, and MADIS.


@Chollas, if you have a Mac, you could use Weathersnoop to connect a WeatherUnderground (WU) station to your Iro. For more information, please see this support article on Weathersnoop.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

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Which weather station works best for Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am having a hard time finding one that records precip?

Sorry I don’t know. If there are no nationals or PWS, might have to get your own PWS :wink:

I’d think there were at least a few PWS within 5-10 miles?


There are PWS’s but none of them are showing a precip, maybe we just need more rain here, lol.

Will keep trying, thanks for taking a look.

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I came across this thread about Rachio in Canada. I just posted an issue that I wonder is affecting other Canadians systems too, thought these posters would be interested too.