I’m frustrated. Most of the time the iPhone app is out of sync with the web app. This morning after refreshing the webapp it says my total water consumption after about one month was 63 gallons. Last night is was 4000+ gallons. Why does this happen? Furthermore, It’s raining this morning and there is no rain delay despite being connected to a weather station. You seem to have some fundamental issues with your software and your cloud storage environment. That’s disappointing. I’ve already exchanged about 25 emails with tech support and not sure what to do next. It shouldn’t be this hard not so inconsistent. Are there enhancements and bug fixes coming for the web app and iPhone app? What is you release cycle?


OK so I figured out that the water consumed resets on a monthly basis. There are still inconsistencies between the iOS app and the web app that I hope get resolved.

@fberg, we’re disappointed to hear of your frustration. When you mention that the mobile app is out of sync with the web app, are you referring to the status of the device, reporting (gallons used) or another data point?

I think this might be related to the new month as our reporting updated monthly on the mobile app at the bottom of the Dashboard screen.

The Iro will use the weather data provided by the preferred weather station selected. Do you happen to know if you’re using a National Weather Station (NWS) or Personal Weather Station (PWS)? Sometimes a PWS doesn’t report accurate data and/or could be impacted by a bug our weather service provider is working on. I’ll review your account today and see if your weather station is reporting data.

I’ll also review your support ticket(s). I believe you’ve encountered a few issues with WiFi connectivity that required some back & forth troubleshooting. I’m hoping those issues have been resolved by now – please let me know if they haven’t been.

We’re always working on making the software smarter and easier to use. While we cannot disclose what we are and are not working on for enhancements, bugs and defects are always given priority by the development team to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Will be in touch on your weather station and prior support interactions.

Thanks, Emil


Also, if you live in an area that films new episodes of “microclimates gone wild” like I do, I would suggest an external rain sensor. That is the best defense for annoying rain showers that run around baring all.

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@fberg, I just wanted to follow up with you on your weather station/observed rain discrepancy. In reviewing the weather data for NWS KMHR, there is no reported rain on the 2nd:

Whereas another NWS KSAC is reporting rain:

Would you be open to testing out a different weather station in your area? If so, you can change it via the weather card on the dashboard screen.

Let us know your thoughts. I hope this helps.

Best, Emil

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