From intermatic to rachio 3

This has probably already been discussed on previous occasions, but I do not succeed.

First of all I would like you to excuse my English, I do my best. second I bought a rachiio3 product of 16 zones when I only have 4 (I did not know until today I am facing this) on the other hand my old timer was an INTERMATIC, I see many posts where most have a water pump for pressure in my case not attached photos
1- take out the old timmer
2- I recognized the electricity cables
3- my system has a I believe 24volt selenoid attached to the pipe (you can see in photos)
4- Right next to where the current cables come out, two cables come out that I would think are from the areas, but those two cables were formerly connected to the cables of the selenoids and from there to the intermatic.
Now take everything out, install the RACHIO3 I only have the cables for the selenoids and the two individual ones on the wall and I have done everything and it does not start.
I currently have everything offline

Hello, did you find out how to connect wires to Rachio? Could please, you upload the pictures?