Frequent watering

I thought I had everything dialed in (flex daily), have adjusted crop coefficient ect. The system was watering every couple of days which seems reasonable. I just checked the calendar and starting tomorrow it wants to water 7 days in a row. I’ve attached a photo.

Does that seem strange?

Depends. Flex daily may only run a single zone but show as watering that day (which is true). Dig some more and share some details about how many and which zones run each day

Some days it’s 1 zone, others it’s 2 or so.
Guess it’ll take some getting used to from watering twice a week.

I’d argue that’s the beauty of flex daily. Don’t run every zone twice a week. But rather water the zone if it needs it.

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Very true. So long as you think it seems normal… I’m good with it.

Looks right from this perspective. If you’re just dialing in the system keep an eye on it. You may need to tweak settings to water the right amount at the right time for each zone.

The best way to understand Flex Daily is to look at the moisture graph for each zone (click on the large % reading). It will show the moisture level each day, and what day(s) irrigation will occur for that zone. Much better than just looking at what days watering will occur.


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I keep an eye on the moisture but it seems a bit sensitive. I’ve the zone run for less than 1 min and it bumped it up by 10+%

Sounds like you might have some settings wrong. How about posting what’s in that zone, and what your advanced settings are.

Each zone is set for St. Agustine grass.

I’ve attached screen shots for the advanced settings starting with zone 1.

Okay, from your Advanced settings, you have Sandy soil (0.05 in/in or 5%), so using the first three figures, Rachio will want to water 0.05 x 9.84 x 0.50 = 0.246" of water per time. Using your 1" per hour Nozzle Inches per Hour in the middle two zones and 70% efficiency Rachio will want to water for 0.246 / 1.00 x 60 / (0.4+0.6*.7) = 18 minutes. So, not considering Crop Evapotranspiration (in the moisture graph), that 18 minutes results in 100% moisture added, or about 5% per minute change when watering. To change the Moisture Balance by 10% should take about 2 minutes of watering.

It sounds to me like you’re fine. I think if you check either from the graph, or from the calendar, how often a single zone will be watered, it will be something on the order of twice a week or so (don’t know your location and temperature), more often in Florida and such. It has to be pretty often due to the sandy soil holding so little moisture. But I think you’ll find that no zone is being watered every day.


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Thank you!