Frequent Rachio Outages & Slow/No Fix

For 2 months, we’ve had daily outages or slow/no updates. Mobile app and PC have same bad results. How long will this go on? Why can’t Rachio fix this - are they running out of money? Rachio controller is useless and worse than an old manual one if this continues. If not fixed soon, how do we get our money back so we can buy a reliable controller and system??

Daily outages? Where are you getting that from? There was a major one last month, then yesterday. I’ve been in my app quite a bit lately playing with and testing some of the new features and haven’t noticed any sluggishness.

Also, these outages don’t affect scheduled runs, and have not lasted very long.

I experience slow/no updates almost daily. Yes, scheduled runs will go; but making any changes to schedules is difficult and sometimes impossible for a while - because it will not update. With high winds and changing temps, I have to navigate a lot of changes. Constant messages of “problem in update - contact support.” Worse yet, I try to work on heads and can’t start/stop the zone from outside. I have 500 mbs wi-fi so it’ s Rachio issue. This community deserves better service!

So weird. i have none of those issues. I experience the issue of last night otherwise its been good to me. Snappy, getting into schedules and zones quickly, edits save fast. Stop/start zones from anywhere works great.

I’m no apologist but this just doesn’t mirror my experiences.

Are you sure its not on your end? Open a ticket to debug?

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If you have a weak wifi signal outside your house, then this would cause your slowness. I have 2 acres, and while I do have some wifi signal pretty much everywhere on my property, at the furthest points from my house, I have issues with Rachio, and almost any app being slow. Usually I switch wifi off and it is back to being snappy over cellular.

I have a gate on my property (1 acre). I had an AP setup in the center of my house, but it couldn’t get a reliable signal to the ring doorbell i placed on the gate (the signal had to go through 4 interior rooms and the kitchen before it was halfway through the property and on its way to the gate).

I ended up getting a long range wifi AP that i placed in the garage which is set about halfway into my property. The gate is at the property line. Just has to get through a wooden door on the gate. and it reaches the gate (and another half mile past the gate into a park across the steeet). I was amazed how much farther the long range AP reached vs the standard AP for a 2.4GHz signal.

i use ubiquity for my network.

I have ubiquity as well. I have toyed with the idea of an outdoor directional antenna on my back patio to get that extra range, but honestly, I can get signal almost anywhere on my property, it just isn’t the fastest, and there is some packet loss due to the degraded signal.

This issue is with Rachio - my phone works fast on EVERY other app when I’m outside in the same spots… I tested it due to the Rachio problems. Their service and software are declining…

Ok…sorry you feel that the Rachio systems are a problem. I’m glad that you were able to do some in depth testing to confirm that it is a Rachio specific problem.

Other than the other night when there was the known widespread outage, I have not had any issues with slow performance in the app, in fact the changes that the have made over the last year have increased the app speed in my opinion. In 6 years of having my Rachio’s, I think I can count on one hand the number of outages, and more than one of them have been MAJOR AWS outages way beyond the control of Rachio. Really hard to say they are “declining” with statistics like that.

I didn’t check for outages - if it’s really slow or not updating it’s just as useless. Thanks for your comments.