Freeze delay?

I noticed interesting event in my Schedule updates.

“Last Monday at 3:17 AM
Flex schedule Grass Flex processing skipped due to freeze delay”

I kind of doubt that the temperature got that low–this is August in Southern California! In fact I can count on one hand the number of times we have had freezing weather in the past 45 years.

Any Idea what happened?

@sbillard Did you accidentally put your Rachio in the freezer? I know I once put milk on the pantry shelf without even thinking about… Or maybe it’s some weather reporting issue? How’s the weather station that you use?

It is a gen 1. Not sure there is a manual way to do that. Besides, it only skipped the one schedule, so the “freeze” went away by morning.

What about the weather station, check it’s data, perhaps it’s pumping out bogus information

Might be, but link to the station does not show its data back that far. It is an National Weather Services station (KSNA.) It certainly has not before or since pumped out bad data.

NWS are pretty reliable, could have been an issue between Rachio and the service provider they use… best they check in on that specifically

Thus the post here.

I also use KSNA and experienced the same freeze delay on that day: “the weather service in your area has observed the current temperature to be 1°F.” Must have been a data glitch. I have since disabled Freeze Skip.

I can’t disable freeze skip for a flex daily, Might be a good thing to enable that. I am certainly not concerned about freezing here.