Free sprinkler and sold testing with sprinkler recommendaitons, for Denver Area

Hi local Denver people. I used this service last year and it was really great (and free) although it’s worth paying for.

Basically they test your soil, do catch cups to test your sprinkler output, help you adjust sprinklers, and finally give you a full report on their recommendation for optimal settings.

I highly recommend it if you are local and if not, see if your local water company does something similar.


Thanks for reaching out to us. This is great information and definitely something that we want other users to try if they are willing. Fine tuning to optimize water use! I will pass this along to whomever is interested.

Thanks again for your time. If you have any other suggestions feel free to let the community know.


I’m kind of confused here, as I followed the link, and everything on this site…including the free water check…seems to be for locations in Utah, not in Denver??


Yeah I am a little confused as well. I went to that link and it looks as though it is for Utah. @thepro8 Did you maybe link the wrong site accidentally?


Sorry guys, My mistake. here is the correct link

I’ve updated in my original post.