Forecast for zone watering (by minutes and gallons)


Hi - Small tweaks to settings can sometimes have drastic changes in the amount of watering. It would be nice to see a forecast per zone. For instance, based on average monthly conditions it could display how many minutes the current schedule is foretasted to water and then when a change is made what is the net effect on change of the number of minutes in a month. It just takes too long after modifying a setting to understand the net effect - especially if you have it on a flex schedule.



Hey @jsjames!

Thank you so much for the suggestion - that’s an interesting thought! While we don’t have that per zone, you can see forecasted runs in the Schedules tab when you click on specific watering days.

Are you looking for that but in a more by-zone format?

:cheers: Lo


Hi Laura - Although one could click on each of the days and see when each schedule ran and for how long, a agregate forecast for the impact of a change is what I’m looking for. For instance, if I modify the crop coefficient or efficiency, is there an easy way to tell the impact to the number of minutes it will will water in a month? I made a very slight tweak to one of these numbers and it ended up doubling the amount of time it watered.



Awesome! Thanks for clarifying. Would something like this suggestion be interesting to you as well? Graphical representation of zone settings

:cheers: Lo


Hi Laura - Yes, this would meet my needs and be useful for many.


Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback, @jsjames!