Forecast 41" of rain?

Have all my zones on flex daily schedule. Just looked at the forecast today and show 41" of rain?? Not sure where that came from.

I have to believe that this will take care of itself when and if we get actual rain today. Just seems strange. Has anyone else seen this?

Additional information, my PWS station was not online last night as had an issue with meteobridge hanging. This might have caused the problem?


I think from the Book of Genesis :grin::cloud_rain::ship:


Hey @tomlay-

Did this end up correcting? I’m feeling like this was caused by your PWS dropping off… but not sure. This data is populated by whatever we are sent from your weather station, so there could have been a reporting issue with PWS.

McKynzee :rachio:

Yes, self-corrected once got the actual rainfall. Was just strange.

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