For Franz is the 👑 Who Heals Your Weather Stations

Hey Rachio fam! Popping in to share some exciting updates released in v3.8 this morning.

In-App Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
It’s like having one of our amazing support agents right in your app!

  • If your controller is ever offline, you can just tap the status bar to jump into troubleshooting.
  • You’ll then be able to select what light you’re on and will be taken through a few troubleshooting steps.
  • If troubleshooting doesn’t work, we’ll perform a Wi-Fi scan and let you send a ticket directly from the app to our support team!

Inactive Flow Check
Faulty valves? Leaky pipes? With the new Inactive Flow Check, we have it covered.

  • Inactive Flow Check will check for flow after any scheduled or manual run, and notify the user if something seems off.
  • The check will be performed a certain amount of time after a run, called “Settle Time,” and is customizable - but we default this to three minutes.
  • This feature is defaulted on for all users, but can be configured by going to More > Controller Settings > Flow Settings

Weather Intelligence Plus Enhancements
Weather Intelligence Plus just got even smarter. Also, this feature is especially exciting because of @Franz. This feature is his baby, so give him a few :cheers: for how awesome it is!

  • If a weather station stops reporting data for three days or more, Weather Intelligence Plus will switch a user to the closest reporting station, and notify them of the change via email.
  • If a new, closer weather station is added, we will notify the user of the new station via email, with instructions on how to switch stations.

Other Updates

  • Added limitations to schedule run times to prevent irregular schedule behavior.
  • Bug fixes and interface and performance improvements.

This team is slipping if that’s the best you could do for a topic title :wink:



You guys Rock! I can’t be more happy with my Rachio G3 + Flow Meter + Awesome support team. Keep the great work.


don’t be hatin @franz. I think you’re just upset we didn’t pick your title :woman_shrugging: :joy: