Font Size - It's 108 degrees outside but Rachio Weather says it's 10

I am just starting to set up my device, but the first thing I noticed in the App is that the font for the temperature needs some adjusting. When it is over 99 degrees, all you can see is 10.


What device is that? On both my mobile (S8+) and tablet (Note Pro 12.2) it shows up fine. We’ve had plenty of 100*+ days to test it…

My tablet is a bit dated, but it is a Samsung Galaxy Tab Model Number GT-N8013 running Android 4.1.2. The temp looks fine on my Moto G4.

Maybe you have your settings on Celsius

Nope, that is set to Fahrenheit.

Wow. What happens if you select a different weather station? We all know weather stations can have erroneous data at tines. See if this works. Good luck.

“When it is over 99 degrees, all you can see is 10.”

Based on this, the width of the window in the screenshot, and that @JSCSJSCS indicated it looked ok on his other device, I’m thinking he may be correct that the last zero is just getting truncated by the right side of the window.

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I think it might have more to do with the way the app is responding to the older Android OS. My “tiles” aren’t laid out like that on either my phone or tablet. My tablet has the oldest software and it’s on 6.x.x

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