Flow sensor wiring test?


How can I verify that my flow sensor is wired correctly



At this time a simple way to verify it does not exist.

I can tell you that the logs indicate your sensor is reporting data, and the data looks good. That indicates to me that the wiring is correct.

A run reported 3.1 Gallons Per Minute. If that seems close to what you would expect then I would say the sensor as a whole is working correctly.



Ah thanx Holmes, I didn’t see where I could set that. I have the cst f10.


I verify tonight, those would be my drip zones and I have roughly 40 emitters on them mostly 2 gph, but it’s mixed, so I feel pretty good about that 3gpm value


Another test for accuracy you could run is to:

  1. Write down the gallons from your City Meter
  2. Write the gallons from the Water Use tab in the app
  3. Run a zone for a couple minutes
  4. Compare City Meter gallon change to Water Use gallon change.

If you have a sensor hooked up it should start using the flow sensor data in your Water Use report.

It’s technically comparing apples and oranges, but they should be fairly close.



Thanx, I feel pretty confident in the sensor, I just wanted to verify that the electrons were making into the cloud (god I hate that word)