Flow Sensor Operations

  1. Will the flow sensor read and post as gallons used while running a hose bib or physically manually opening an irrigation zone (bleeding the valve)?

  2. With the flow sensor operational, do we still need to enter the other perimeters (SF, precipitation rates, etc.) to get gallons used? Does this still affect the outcome of “gallons saved.”

  3. Can the sensor give me the gpm of any individual zone either directly or indirectly?

Thank You

Hey @mhertzer-

  1. Your controller will only be “listening” to flow readings when it know a zone is activated. Therefore, it will not record any physical opening of the valves or hose bib.

  2. If your flow sensor is connected and working, it will completely override the usage estimates. This eliminates the need for the zone size field, but precip rate is also used for intelligent scheduling, so you want to make sure that is correct.

  3. You could get this indirectly, unfortunately not directly currently! You could note your usage value, then run a zone for a period of time, and note it again afterwards. Then it’s a simple (end usage-start usage)/time equation!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

McKynzee :rachio:

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Thank you, thank you!

What is the best way to contact Rachio to have the ‘gallons used’ set to zero once the plants are established?

I can do that for you whenever, just let me know! It will not clear out today’s usage, only all the usage recorded before today, so keep that in mind (ie if you want today’s cleared as well I can do it tomorrow morning)!