Flow Sensor integration

I’m just wondering if flow sensor capability was added in 2.0

That was not one of the added features.


a handful of customers wish, but no sir. but if enough ppl keep asking, maybe it will happen captain…

We’re asking. Having a flow sensor would add a lot of intelligence to the system, especially since in many areas the water company has moved the meter into a pit at the street – no way to see how much water is flowing!

exactly, and i have a high level of distrust with my municipality. they will extent the billing cycle to 33-34 days for the same cycle that my neighbor has 31 days which almost always causes me to fall into a higher tier. it has happened too many times to be coincidental.

the company that handles the billing gets a bonus for billing “high users”…its very dirty and i hope that rachio can become my bastion.

Yes, that will fit nicely with our world domination plan. Please keep this on the DL.