Flow sensor functionality

I’ve just installed my Rachio controller, and I’m dismayed to learn that the controller doesn’t incorporate functionality for my flow sensor (other than to more accurately estimate the total water usage). Specifically, I would like to see:

  1. A user-defined range of acceptable flow rates for each zone (valve).
  2. A user-defined action for the controller to take when the zone’s flow exceeds or goes below the range. (For example, disable the zone when the flow exceeds the limit, which indicates a broken valve or pipe, to avoid flooded basements and wasted water.)
  3. Automatic notification (email and / or SMS) when the controller takes whatever action is defined in #2.

Without this functionality, there’s no real reason to spend a lot of money on a flow sensor, and I guess I’ll need to resume my search for a more capable controller.

Hi @lfellows-

I am sorry to hear you aren’t happy with our flow sensor capabilities. I agree they have room for growth, and we are absolutely looking to expand upon our flow sensor features! I will relay your feedback and requests to the team. While I hope you stick with us because of some of our other awesome features, I understand if these features are must have and you continue your search.

McKynzee :rachio: