Flow Sensor disconnected after I put controller in standby

I figured I should put my controller in standby while I install the flow sensor and after pairing has been completed. I don’t want to burn up a solenoid by having no water to flow. (Probably wouldn’t happen though but still a good thought) Anyways after “standby” was activated I eventually went back to the sensors pape and saw “add a flow sensor?” With no flow sensor ID below it like it did initially. Anybody have same scenario or solution?

@TurfGOD sent you a PM.

We do have an issue in iOS where after leaving Stand By your flow sensor disappears from Accessories. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you restart the app, it will come back. We will make sure to have this fixed in the next release.


Yeah it came back. My flow sensor is now installed and calibrated. I’m pretty impressed on its accuracy or how it’s comparing with my data taken from the city’s water meter.

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You have your flow sensor already? They are shipping? I ordered the 1st day they were available and have not received notice.

I believe he is a beta tester, the units are not currently shipping.


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Yes, I’m a tester. I mistakenly posted here.