Flow meter range testing on the Front Range


Thought this was a cool picture of the team doing long range radio testing (it’s incredible) of the new flow meter. An old grain silo with North Table mountain (near Golden, CO my stomping grounds) in the backdrop.



Ahhh Coors country.


I have a grad student son at Boulder.


Has anyone tested the flow meters distance when installed in a lawn box that’s buried in ground (with the top accessible and flush with the top of the lawn)?

My valve box is in my front yard near the curb so it’s not practical to have pipe sticking above ground with a place to install the flow meter. I was thinking if I add a lawn box next to the valve box and have 10" of straight pipe running through it, maybe I’ll be ok. The box would be about 50-60’ from my controller with only one wall for the signal to pass through.