Flow Meter Incorporation

The Internet of Things is right around the corner. My guess is that if a company who has a flowmeter does not have one now, there may be one right around the corner. I know a few water meter manufacturers from my role at a water utility and will inquire about it.

I would like to see this feature as soon as possible too.

Not sure if this will ever be release but it looks like what we would need. http://driblet.io


Vapor :wink:

is there someone suggested any water meter option to have a more accurate of water usage. Of course the integration would be very good and may be usefull to detect broken pipe or nozzle.

@Flipland, are you requesting the ability to connect to an existing water meter to monitor water use? If you could elaborate, we’d love to better understand what you had in mind.

Till now, the city hall don’t talk to install water meter in home, so I have no idea how much water I take. . We only have restriction to use water for the lanscaping like two specific days and time period (1.5h) per week.
Since a few weeks, I’m looking for an intelligent water meter to do some management like how much water I really take for my irrigation system per day and hopefully per zone. Why, because I didn’t set properly parm on zone, I saw not accurate stats. I wish to approch the city hall to talk on my installation and have more flexibility for home who have this king of installaion. Till now, I can’t show any accurate stats. At first, I wish to have more data and change the config on Rachio to have better stats. But, it would be better to have a way to push info to Rachio to provide better stats. Also, It could be a way to detect broken pipe base on parm.
At the same time, I want to add a water meter on my RV, because I want to do a better management on when I should test the water qualiy made by the water softener and 3 phase filtering. So, I wish to use the same meter.
Finally, stats are good, but you propably heart garbage in garbage out expression.

Hi, Jeremy, It’s amazing because I saw this product 2 months ago in my search for options on water meter and looks very good, but it’s not yet available and I really don’t know how much it will cost. I saw many expensive solutions for city usage but not for individual usage like us.

By the way, i just send an email to them asking news on the availabily and cost of their product. Will give update…

any updates here?

@Markobburic, our new Gen2 controller is compatible with a handful of wired flow sensors. Hope this helps :smile:

thanks @emil – unfortunately no…i got my Gen 1 just a few months before the Gen 2 was announced.

@Markobburic, maybe you could sell or gift your Gen1 and upgrade to a Gen2?

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