Flow Meter Fittings Dont Fit!

I bought 3 SharkBite fittings for my flow meter install based on the posted instructions (using reducing coupling instead of ball valve). 2 of the U060LF reducing couplings for the reduction from the 1" copper pipe I had to add to the backflow side of the flow meter and the other for the valve side of the flow meter, since my existing piping is 3/4" . And a U020LF 1" coupling for the extra 1" copper pipe to be joined to the flow meter.

But I cant get the fittings on the flow meter ends! The outside diameter of the ends of the flow meter is too big and I cant fit the fittings over it. Thats for both the U020LF straight coupling and the U060LF reducing coupling. Whats going on and why are these instructions so misleading?

to connect 3/4 copper pipe to the flow meter without using the 1” PVC to 3/4” Copper Ball Valve reducer 25551LF, you need two U060LF 3/4” Copper to 1” SharkBite Copper fittings, two UIP4020 1-inch copper to 1-inch PVC Sharkbite fittings, a 6” Long piece of 1” copper tubing and a short ( 2-1/2 to 3” ) piece of copper tubing. The 6” piece of copper tubing goes on the backflow side of the flow meter and the shorter piece of copper tubing on the valve box side of the flow meter. This is the only way to mount the flow meter to 3/4” copper tubing without using the 25551LF Ball Valve 1” PVC to 3/4” copper adapter.

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On the non-backflow side of the flow meter you dont need another piece of 1" copper tubing. Instead get a U724LF fitting reducer which then connects to the existing 3/4" copper pipe.