Flow Meter Calibration Reading < 25gpm

I’m seeing some odd behavior when calibrating the flow meter. I have 4 zones with the same behavior, but I’ll provide details for only one. I have 8 fixed spray heads and 3 emitters on my front lawn. So, that should be around 12 gpm. When I run the calibration cycle (tried 1 min, 2 min, 5 min), the real-time data never exceeds 12 gpm (see attached screen shots). In some cases, I even received a 0 gpm result during the calibration. At the end of the calibration, I always get the message that says “we’ve detected high flow rate above 25 gpm.” I had a professional installer setup the Rachio and the Flow Meter based on the provided instructions. Any suggestions on what might cause this behavior?

Here’s a photo of my installation. Based on the Had to redo water flow calibration on all zones, I’m thinking my installation is faulty. Does that seem to be the case?

My first inclination is that you have a leak that results in higher flow rates and possibly also causes unstable flow. There is a thread where I went back and forth with a guy who could have sworn his flow should have been below 25gpm and it turned out he had leaks and his flow was about 35gpm.

As far as your installation, is the flow going up through the flowmeter or down into the ground? If there is at least 6" of straight 1" pipe in the ground, then it shouldn’t matter. (If that is 1" above it)

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It is going down, into the ground. It’s unlikely that there is 6" of pipe straight down into the ground. I will dig it up and look. My guess is there an elbow no more than 6" deep.
I have looked for leaks and can’t find any, but my main questions was about the discrepancy in what is reported in the application. The application, during the calibration, never exceed 11.25 gpm. So why would it alert that flow was above 25 gpm?

At this point, Rachio will have to chime in. I don’t know exactly how the app records and presents the data from the flowmeter. I feel like it must be getting a reading of 25+, but it may not show every reading in the app.