Flow Meter Auto Shut Off (DRIP)


I decided to play around with the Auto Shut Off feature today. My baseline flow is 0.7gpm. I popped off one head and calibrated to see what the reported flow was, and that was 1.3gpm. I then set my High-Flow Trigger to 145% (1.02gpm) and enabled the auto-shut off. The video shows the resulting shut off at about 30 seconds in. It takes a couple of minutes to empty out the line, as this is the lowest spot in my yard, so I sped up the video starting at the 1 minute mark.

For some reason the message on my phone says that the flow was 114% above the baseline, which is not correct since it is over 200%, but you can see that the function works! Also the calibration routine doesn’t work quite right. I get an error message after EVERY calibration, even though the calibration seems to successfully complete. The calibration shows completed in my history and the values are set accordingly in my zones. It is also odd that it shows the calibration is determined at the beginning of my 5 minute calibration cycle rather than the end. Regardless, it seems to be working !


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The percentage is determined by using total percentage - 100. So the total percentage was 214%, baseline is 100%, hence flow is 114% above baseline. Sorry for the confusion. I will investigate the timestamps in your calibration run and see why it appeared in the beginning of run as well as calibration failures. Thanks for sharing this.


@azdavidr I am almost certain it is a defect with events, I am having our firmware team review. Regarding calibration failures, can you make sure you are on the latest app? If not, please update and try again.


I’m on 3.6.1 (12082) @theflexdude . Here’s another example in case it helps debug. This one doesn’t trigger right at the calibration start time but does well before the 10 minute pressurization time is over. Calibrations are consistent so it seems that it’s probably a reporting issue.


I also noticed yesterday that on the landing page for my tree zone the number there wasn’t updating to the same number as the one under ‘Flow Settings’ after the calibration. It’s ok today, so for some reason there is a delay on that getting updated.


@azdavidr there will be a fix coming this week to Android app for calibration error issue. We are still investigating the calibration event timing. Thank you for your patience.

Which value are you referencing?


The calibration event timing issue is resolved, we will be releasing it this week with new firmware as well.


This one.


Nice. So was the calibration happening before the pressurization time or was it just a reporting issue?


Calibration was happening about 25 seconds after the start instead of right at pressurization time. This issue occurs if pressurization time is greater than 4 minutes.


Good to know. I’ll recalibrate once you push out an update. Thanks!


The new firmware has been released, you should see your device update sometime today to iro3-firmware-5-549 after it is done watering. The calibrated value latency issue should also be resolved in the next app update. It was a data refresh issue between the screens. Until the new app is released, if you restart the app they should re-sync. Please let me know if you have more questions or see any more issues. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Excellent @theflexdude. You folks are responsive! So with the new FW & with the app. update aside, should my expectation be that if I run a 10 min. pressurization, I should no longer see the error message at the end and the cal. will start at the 10 minute mark?


Yes @azdavidr. The calibration will happen 15 seconds before the 10 minute mark and your calibration should succeed now, without the Android app update. Android app release is planned for next week and will have the zone refresh improvements and handling for when the calibration happens way earlier (which shouldn’t happen with new firmware). So you should be good to go and watch for the app update that will remove the refresh annoyance.


Sounds good @theflexdude . I’ll let you know how it goes, and thanks!


Some progress but not quite there @theflexdude. When I calibrated the first two zones gave me this error message.

My screen had timed out to the lock screen so I figured I would set my lock screen time to 30 minutes so it wouldn’t lock. The third zone then did not give me the error. The history showed that the was an issue with those first two zones at the 5 minute mark.

I then kept the 30 minute timer on and reran the cal and it worked for all three zones. I accidentally had a 4th low flow zone that gave me an expected error of no flow detected. I hit the “Stop Calibration” button and the app. crashed.

Let me know if you’d like further testing.


Looks like those runs got terminated manually after 5 minutes before pressurization time. Could be due to the app timeout.


I will have mobile app team take a look at this. Thanks for sharing!


It seems likely. I didn’t touch my phone during that time. Thanks @theflexdude.