Flexible Schedules

Hi…Updated to the new software but I am having a problem with flexible schedules. I have eight zones in my system, but when I set up a flex schedule, although all zones are selected, it only sets up watering for 2-3 of them. The others indicate that no watering time has been set. I have tried several times but just can’t get some zones to set up a schedule. I have reset and recreated all my zones but no change.

Any suggestions what is going on? This doesn’t seem right

Please contact [support@rachio.com], difficult to troubleshoot on the forums, they can help you get everything setup.

Typically, if you don’t see a zone being schedule for the next week or so, could be a tree/shrub/etc. that has a high soil moisture level and only needs watering very infrequently.

The other case, which I experienced this morning, is there is a lot of precipitation in the forecast, and you don’t see watering for the next 7 days :wink:


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I get the same thing. Its exactly as franz says, no watering scheduled with a local wx forecast (30-50% rain) each day and we had .98" yesterday. Decreasing or increasing the allowable water depletion under advanced zone properties will change the watering frequency. Mine shows nothing for the next two weeks.

I wish I could see the default flex schedule (more like a fixed) devoid of any wx input to make changes THEN add in the wx and see how it effects it. When I change zone properties to favor heavy more freq. watering it is almost impossible to creating a watering time during the up coming 2 weeks. I imagine a few hot dry days in a row and some watering will pop up on my schedule.

Not sure where to send this but since it is related to Flex Schedule I will post it here. I noticed that on the app it shows smart cycle on (which is what I want) but when you log into the website it shows off. I try to check it to be on thru the website but it will not stay on. I am sure it is a little bug and hopefully the app is correct. Keep up the good work and congrats on the new version.

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There is no concept of that :wink:

In the next few days will be modifying the Webapp to show the forecasted days for each zone so you can understand what is playing a factor in the scheduling. Currently it only shows the past (Edit Zone --> (bottom of edit window) Moisture Level).

Hopefully this will make flex much more transparent.


Number one goal is to provide data transparency in decision making.


Second question: I set up a flex schedule for my gardens that are perennials. The “smart cycle” button does not seem to want to stay on even though the watering is fairly long.

Tougher for flex schedules since we use a default root zone depth that is harder to gauge across perennials, but could work very well.

It should stay enabled if you enable. If it doesn’t could be a defect. I would send info (iOS/Android/Webapp) to support@rachio.com if it doesn’t stay enabled. Have not seen that yet. Also, just because it is enabled does not guarantee smart cycling.


The button is a a “yes”/“no” button. I set it to “yes” and then save. Go back and look and it says “no”. All this is on the WEB ap.

I believe I just reported this over the phone. I am showing water cycling enabled on the iphone app, but the web app when I click in the flex schedule. It is greyed out showing no.

Thanks, will have @Dan check this out.



I spoke to tech support and they suggested that a possible fix would be to temporarily select a different local weather station to see if that would populate the Flex Schedule. I tried it. Unfortunately it did not work. So here is my issue and the steps in case others have encountered it. I’m still looking for a solution.

8 out of 16 zones enabled.
Most just cover lawn and have identical characteristics - sun, soil and vegation

No matter what I do, only two of my zones show any Flex Scheduled watering times over the next two weeks. Its always the same zones and the same schedule. Seems wrong since it would basically be watering one corner of my lawn and not the other for two weeks if I were to trust the Flex algorithm. As I said, zones are identical so it makes no sense one zone would be watered and none of the others.

Attempted Fixes:

  1. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
  2. Redid all of my old watering times and each of the zones to ensure nothing was corrupted
  3. Tried several different weather stations in my area.


5 of of my eight zones show that no watering times have been scheduled at least through 7/18
The three zones for which Flex created a schedule do not show them starting until 12 days from now. Seems awfully long considering little rain is forecasted between now and then



I’m seeing something similar - no upcoming watering on any of my 7 flex zones. I’ve tried switching to different PWS. I’d try switching to an official WS, but I can’t seem to do that from the app once I selected a PWS.

@canons900 Should be fixed. Let me know if you run into anything else…

In the next few couple of days the Webapp will be able to show the forecasted decisions made by flex schedules.

A few things come to mind until that is released, we’ve captured irrigation events till now, which are reflected on the zone’s soil moisture which might have already filled the zone bank account for awhile, forecasted precipitation events, or a crop type that has a much longer root zone depth than grass, which will water much less frequently (but require more irrigation on the watering day).

Once the forecasted soil moisture graph is on the webapp will help at least understand future evapotranspiration and precipitation values, which will explain why/why not certain zone(s) are going to run, or not run.


Thanks, Franz. I’ve read over the FAQs, etc but - When we set the run times per zone for flex scheduling, are those times per run event? Number of minutes per week? With the fixed schedules we could see the seasonal correction - will we see this in the updated webpage you are talking about too?


working for me now.

I don’t know if it helps anyone, but I adjusted the root depth in a zone under advanced settings, and that helped a lot. I had planted several dwarf shrubs last fall, and knew the root depth was not the default 15 inches. I was concerned since they are not a year old even. When I changed it from 15 to a guesstimate of 9 inches, my flex schedule went from no scheduled watering to an upcoming watering in a few days.

Awesome :smile:

Yes, it’s amazing how everything works together. The webapp soil moisture forecast graph will really show when you modify a zone characteristic what affect it has. We’ll get this out asap.

I also want to publish the equations when I have time for full transparency. No secret sauce, just industry standard algorithms.


I am still not showing any flex schedule information on on the web app or on my iPhone. I am showing no scheduled waterings for the next two weeks. I am showing “potential” rain W, Th, F. But I would had thought the flex schedule would have run this morning since there was no rain Sunday or Monday or overnight through this morning.

I have not touched any settings other than looking at the moisture levels and creating a flex schedule. I have attached a screen shot for review of my current settings. I have also attached the moisture level settings as well.

I am guessing based on the information I am seeing, the lawn does not need a watering at this time. But this is new to me so I am learning as I go.