Flexible Schedule Question

Quick question … I’m using the flexible schedule but have my 3 zones set to water Mon, Thurs, Sat. Other than the very first day, no watering has occurred. I’m wondering if this is because the controller (Rachio 3) thinks watering isn’t required due to weather here. I’m not sure if this is the case, though, since I assumed if it were that the system would give me a message saying watering was skipped.

Is it supposed to skip watering without giving a message, or am I doing something wrong?


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I think it will notify a skip if an event occurs like rain or low temps. That depends on your settings. But if it doesn’t need to water because of a previous scheduled event, it won’t. That’s the smart part of the controller. So, if it didn’t need to water, the event wasn’t scheduled, therefore it didn’t skip anything.

Is there a reason you are only letting it water M, Th, Sat? Do you have watering restrictions? Flex Daily really works best if you do restrict the days it can water, and if you are forced to do so, Flex Daily may not be the best schedule fit…

I have lawn service/landscape workers here on Tues and Wed, so I need to skip watering on those days. I picked 3 days because I don’t need to water every day, but thought the flexible schedule would delay watering when it was advised. I probably don’t clearly understand how the flexible watering actually works.


The Flex Daily schedule will only water when it’s needed. It’s best to let as many days for watering be available as you can. In your case, I would just exclude Tuesday and Wednesday.